Quality Policy

In any food processing industry Quality & Food Safety plays an important role. Due to the tropical conditions existing here and the diverse nature of products handled, the quality of products has to be constantly monitored.Realizing this, the industry has adopted modern methods of handling, processing besides, adequate quality control measures to improve the quality of sea food.

In the developed countries, food safety concerns have captured the attention of the public and related offences are now regarded at Government level.

Selling, offering for sale, possessing and or advertising for sale of food that does not comply with food safety requirements are now offences as per food safety requirements.Enforcement officesr have been given detailed and powerful provisions for dealing with the process, premises and equipments that contravene the legislation or pose a threat to the health of the consumer.Stringent measures have been adopted by the government to ensure food safety.

The consumers are becoming increasinglyaware of the choice, quality, freshness, nutritional value and microbiological safety of food.Advances in food technology has helped to curtail microbiological risks and significant developments in laboratory are being developed viz; Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), High Performance Liquid Chromatograph coupled with Mass Spectrometry (HPLC with MS) etc. which facilitates not the detection of pathogens / residual levels more quickly but also toa alevel of minute sensitivity.These developments have contributed to major improvement in ensuring safety of food.

SEAI has identified the areas for development and implement :

  • Research and Development of New Projects.
  • Training in new technology and inviting overseas technical expertsto India.
  • Imparting overseas training to technologists of Indian Seafood Industry in quality control.
  • Monitoring of Seafood Quality in landing and pre-processing centres.
  • Upgrading seafood quality by providing infrastructural facilities like pre-processing centres and setting up of mini labs for quality assurance.
  • Evolving standards for compliance for export of fish and fishery products to various developed countries based on standards /norms / regulations prescribed by such countries.