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5 Minute Guide to Akita Dogs Feeding & Weight Management

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5 Minute Guide to Akita Dogs Feeding & Weight Management
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5 Minute Guide to Akita Dogs Feeding & Weight Management: Akitas, from ancient Japan, symbolize happiness, longevity, and health. Akitas are muscular dogs with thick double coats that shed heavily in summer.

These alert, loyal dogs are wary of strangers but show their goofy, loving side once you get to know them. If you’re the lucky owner of one of these brave dogs, you may be wondering how big can an Akita get and when mine is done growing.

5 Minute Guide to Akita Dogs Feeding & Weight Management

Akita Weight & Growth Chart

Since every puppy is different, these numbers are estimates of how much your pup may weigh at certain growth stages. Don’t worry if your Akita puppy is slightly above or below these numbers! Bring your Akita to the vet for regular checkups and advice on diet and exercise.

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How old is a fully grown Akita?

Akitas, like many large dog breeds, grow slower than smaller dogs. The majority of Akitas will be close to adult size by 10 months to 1 year, but will continue to gain weight until 2 years.

A 6-month-old Akita should be how big?

Size of a 6-month-old Akita depends on gender, diet, and environment. A 6-month-old male Akita weighs 55–70 pounds, while a female weighs 50–65 pounds. The full height of male and female Akitas is 26 to 28 inches and 24 to 26 inches, respectively. Akitas are large dogs, so it’s important to monitor their growth to avoid overgrowth.

Fast-growing large dog breeds are more likely to develop hip dysplasia and other joint issues. To slow growth, the Veterinary Centers of America recommend feeding Akita puppies large-breed puppy food. Large-breed growth food does not affect your Akita’s size but reduces the risk or severity of hip dysplasia.

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How big will my Akita grow?

  • Age greatly affects your Akita’s growth. Akitas under a year old have a lot of growing to do. Akitas often build muscle and chests until two years old.
  • Check your Akita puppy’s paws. As a typical puppy, their paws will be large next to their legs and body as they grow.
  • Finally, contact your Akita breeder. Since Akita puppies rarely grow larger than their parents, their breeder will know their parents’ weight and height to estimate their adult size.
  • Your breeder can estimate size based on past litters.

How big is a grown Akita?

  • The American Kennel Club Official Akita Standards state that female Akitas weigh 70–100 pounds and stand 24–26 inches. Males weigh 100–130 pounds and stand 26–28 inches taller.
  • A full-grown Akita should be muscular, compact, and intimidating. Akitas are well-balanced and slightly longer than tall.

Akita nutrition

For optimal health, what should an Akita eat?

  • Quality meat protein
  • Essential fatty acids, omegas
  • Small amounts of vegetable/herb/berry carbs
  • Vitamins and minerals from bones and plants
  • Hydration—high-moisture foods and water

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