6 Iliotibial Band Stretches to Alleviate Hip and Knee Pain


Glutes stretch

Gluteal stress affects IT bands. Stretching removes it. Lay face-up on an exercise mat with bent knees and flat feet. Raise left foot to ceiling with clasp below knee. Your foot should be against your chest and shin perpendicular. Repeat on other leg after stretching. Floor-bound legs stretch more. The four-figure stretch raises ankles above knees.

Try this basic yoga pose to stretch your IT band. From downward dog, bend your left leg bottom and place it between your hands. Return to knee level with right leg straight. Lean forward to stretch. 

Pigeon pose

Stand and stretch. Hip-width right leg across left. Support your hand on a table or wall. Push your bottom out and left until your IT band stretches with most of your weight in your left foot. Glute and nearby muscles work with this stretch. 

Crossover stretch

Sit on the floor with bent knees and flat feet. Turn your body right and place your left arm against your right knee while facing behind you. Hold, then switch sides.

Spinal rotation

Quad stretch

Right of a bench. Keep right foot on floor, left knee on bench. Wrap your left foot behind you with a long yoga strap or resistance band. Left quads and hip flexors are stretched by leaning forward and bending the right knee. Hold 30 seconds, then flip sides. This stretch can be done on the floor without a bench.

Kneel facing away from a wall. Raised left foot behind you, rest against wall, left knee on floor. Step out with right foot flat, knee bent, thigh parallel to floor. Hold, then flip sides. Use a folded yoga mat or towel to relieve knee pain.

Quad and hip wall stretch

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