7 things Your Dog hates about you 


Pet parents love giving head pats to show affection. However, dogs dislike head pats. Most dogs avoid it and head away. They usually like their heads, ears, and faces massaged, which makes them happy, keeps them close, and makes them lean in for more.

Pat their head

When a dog trainer or behaviourist says dogs don't like being hugged, the backlash is huge. Everyone says their dog likes hugs, but most don't. Canids, including dogs, don't embrace like primates. 

Hug them

Holding the ball while praising your dog is likely. While you play fetch, your dog thinks you're hoarding the ball. They want it now. Many dogs lose interest in fetch or fail to understand how fun it is because humans cling onto the ball instead of throwing it. We should throw the ball as soon as it falls near us. 

Hold onto the ball during fetch

Kisses mean nothing to dogs, but they do to humans. It's not their forte. Though we term them “doggy kisses,” dogs lick one other and humans. Putting your face next to a dog's can be scary. Dogs can be scared or annoyed by it. 

Kiss them

Lemon, tangerine, and grapefruit scents irritate most dogs. We use such scents in products to prevent dogs from chewing on unwanted stuff. Dogs loathe such perfumed lotion, shampoo, air fresheners, and candles. Few dogs like these smells.

Standing, hold their paw, especially the back

The fragrance of lemons, tangerines, and grapefruit bothers most dogs. This is why such scents are utilised in products to keep dogs from chewing on items we don't want them to. Avoid lotion, shampoo, air fresheners, and candles with such perfume since dogs hate it. A small percentage of canines like these odours.

Use citrus scents

Dogs can accept costumes and other outfits with training. Choose the least restrictive and lightest options, but dogs prefer you miss them with the costume. Many pet parents love dressed-up dogs, but it's best not to treat them like dolls.

Dress them

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