Anonymous Person Accuses Josh Giddey Of Dating An Under-Age Girl Who Is Still In Junior High School

Shocking allegations surface online against Thunder star Josh Giddey.

In a startling turn of events, a Twitter account, since deleted, recently levied serious allegations against NBA player Josh Giddey of the OKC Thunder. 

The anonymous user posted a tweet accompanied by two videos and a photo,  

accusing Giddey of being romantically involved with an underage girl, Liv Cook, who is still in junior high school.  

The girl implicated in the allegations against Josh Giddey is identified as Liv Cook, described as a sophomore from Newport Harbor High School.  

However, it's crucial to note that the age of Liv Cook remains unconfirmed, adding a layer of uncertainty to the allegations. 

The initial tweet did not provide concrete evidence regarding Liv Cook's age, 

and the lack of this information is significant when evaluating the seriousness of the allegations. 

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