Best Stretches to Do Before and After Your Walking Routine

All actions stretch, strengthen, and promote mobility in a body area. When starting or ceasing exercise, these are crucial. "When you're sedentary, joints stiffen and don't contract and lengthen as well, reducing our range of motion; you want to prepare your tissues for walking to use your body more efficiently," says Miller.

Walking properly demands a flexible big toe. “The big toe is the last thing that leaves the ground when you step forward, and a reflexive action from the toe to the glute helps propel you forward,” says Miller. Without a good toe bend, you twist your leg out and don't use your glute.

Big toe on the go

Bowman explains, “The mobility and strength of your calf muscles are what sets the stage for how other parts, like your knees and hips, can move. Strong calves improve balance, strides, and ankles.

Calf stretch

Quad quench

Miller says your quads help flex your hips and stretch your knees, so they need high flexibility for full range of motion.

Climbing stairs or hills on mainly level surfaces may hurt. Bowman says that this motion will strengthen your knees and stabilising muscles so you can hit the hills with resilience.

Step up and over

Breathe deeply into the ball for 10 deep breaths. Slowly slide the ball forward towards your navel and backward towards your spine.

Lumbar lengthener

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Stretching daily is the healthiest habit you can form