Hairstyles Ideas for Kinky Twists for Natural Hair

Take inspiration from the photo above to keep things brief. Short, bouncy, and stacked kinky twists provide volume like never before. Kinky twists are usually shoulder-length but can be shorter. Regardless, the natural look will matter.

Short Kinky Twist Hairstyle

We wish to display over-the-shoulder, medium-sized kinky twists after minor twists. Therefore, this is the best technique for women who desire a balanced, neither strong nor bland look.

Medium-Sized Kinky Twists

Though usually shoulder-length or shorter, kinky twists look great in long hair. The longer the twists, the better to show off this sophisticated technique and have natural hair.

Long Kinky Twists

This curls sample shows that twisted braids can be textured. Most longer twists are worn in updos, but the image above illustrates how fantastic they look with free hair.

Long Half Curly Twists

Kinky twists are smaller than regular twists or braids, although they can be worn large. These are equally as elegant and tasteful and will look great.

Jumbo Kinky Twists

Style twisted hairstyles in numerous ‘forms’. Kinky twists can be wavy, among other shapes. In addition to curled tips, this side-swept hairdo boasts gorgeously curled locks. This makes the entire appearance wavy.

Wavy Twists

To add texture to twists, choose curly instead of wavy. Kinky braids curl from the hairstyle's bottom down. We also recommend stylish half-up styling.

Curly Kinky Twist

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