Best Daily Yoga Stretches for Stiffness and Pain

Stand over the mat's long side. Hip and torso rotation towards right foot. Inhale. Bend your right knee over your right ankle and exhale. Keep your left leg powerful as you dig into your left foot's outside edges. Hold arms overhead. Try to keep your tailbone tucked and not overarch your back. Flip and repeat.

High Lunge and Warrior

Stand over your mat's long side. Raise your arms parallel to the floor, palms down. Position your right foot in front of your mat. Keep the left foot 45 degrees right. Both heels align. Breathe deeply as you face the right leg. Hinge forward and stretch for an imaginary wall at the top of your mat, inhaling.

Triangle Pose

Stand with big toes touching and heels slightly apart. Put your toes on the floor after lifting and spreading them. Rock back and forth. Stand stationary after investigating your balance. Lift your kneecaps and contract your thighs. Imagine energy rising from toes to head. Put your shoulder blades together and pull down.

Mountain Pose

Start on your back with knees facing the ceiling and feet on the ground. Get your heels near to your butt. Inhale. Squeeze your glutes and lift your hips off the floor. Keep knees over ankles. 

Bridge Pose

Sit on your mat with legs straight ahead. Press your heels forward and lower your thighs while keeping your hands at your hips. Breathe deeply. Exhale and lean forward from the hips. Grab your big toes or outside feet if you can. 

Seated Forward  Bend

Stand with your arms by your sides on your mat in Mountain Pose. Put your weight on your right foot and elevate your left. Your left foot should touch your calf, ankle, or inner right thigh. Do not put it on the knee. The joint is excellent above or below. 

Tree Pose

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