Darvin Ham Says LeBron James Needs 40,000 Points To Get The Game Ball: "Congratulations On 39,000!"

Darvin Ham and LeBron James share hilarious locker room moment after latest career milestone.

Following another career milestone for LeBron James this week, Lakers coach Darvin Ham wasted no time offering a new challenge.

In a video recorded in the locker room after the game, Ham can be seen congratulating the King on reaching 39,000 points before pushing him to make it 40,000 with a throwaway joke...

It is the Lakers' tradition for Ham to dedicate the game ball to one of his players after every match, and James certainly earned it after his last performance.

In a 131-99 blowout win over the Utah Jazz,  LeBron put up 17 points, 9 assists, and 7 rebounds in just 24 minutes of action.

This kind of efficient play has been a regular occurrence for James this year and while it remains to be seen how long he can keep this going,

hitting the 40,000 points mark could be a realistic goal for him if he sticks around for a few more seasons.

Never before have we seen the oldest player in the NBA dominate at such a high level.

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