Evolution Of Dog Breeds From 1915 to 2015 


The bull terrier dog breed depicted here has undergone a remarkable transformation since the previous image. Perspectives from a century ago and now.

Bull Terrier

The German Shepherd is not the only dog that is frequently discussed.

German Shepherd

One of the most adaptable dogs, however they struggle in both hot and cold due to their short faces. The incidence of cancer is particularly high in boxers.


PUG is the another brachycephalic breed & has all those difficulties like high blood pressure, breathing problems, heart problems & other disorders.


The Dachshund has the shortest legs and the least amount of space between its chest and the floor. The danger of paralysis is extremely high.


The Saint Bernard is a heavy, short-snouted breed of dog. Insufficiency in fibrinogen can cause haemophilia and other bleeding disorders.

Saint Bernard 

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