How Long Do Artichokes Last? Food Safety Storage Tips!

Improve artichoke freshness with our instructions! Learn to keep them in the fridge or freezer and recognise deterioration. Up to 6 months of fresh, tasty artichokes! 

Fresh Artichoke

The fridge offers the chilly atmosphere they need, so I store them there. I've learned to handle moisture carefully, so I don't just throw them in. Wrap artichokes loosely in a plastic bag to retain moisture without sogginess. 

If artichokes are wilted or have dry, discoloured leaves, discard them. Fresh artichokes are sturdy and bright green.

Signs of Wilted Artichoke

I learned as a chef at the Boat Basin Cafe before it closed that artichokes lose nutritional value when refrigerated, frozen, or at room temperature. I emphasise fresh artichokes when cooking because they have more nutrients. 

Fresh vs Stored Artichoke

When artichokes dry out, discolour, or have mould, they're bad. Artichokes with a foul smell or a mushy texture are likely rotten and should not be eaten.

when an artichoke has gone bad?

Artichokes last 1–2 weeks in the fridge after being opened. To retain freshness, the artichokes must be entirely submerged in their liquid and the container sealed.

Open jar of artichokes last?

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