Josh Giddey Made His Instagram Profile Black And Turned Off Comments Amid Latest Controversy

Josh Giddey strategically alters his Instagram profile, opting for a black profile picture and disabling comments amid unverified accusations.

In the midst of a swirling controversy, NBA player Josh Giddey took a strategic step to shield himself from the storm by altering his Instagram profile.  

The young Oklahoma City Thunder guard made a conspicuous move,  

changing his profile picture to a solemn black hue and disabling comments, effectively creating a digital barrier between himself and potential detractors.  

This tactical maneuver appears to be a calculated response to accusations that have surfaced on social media, alleging inappropriate interactions with a high schooler. 

The decision to make his profile picture black could be seen as a symbolic gesture, 

often associated with mourning or reflection, possibly signaling the gravity of the situation.  

Turning off comments, on the other hand, serves as a practical measure to prevent the public from discussing or amplifying the unproven accusations on his social media platform. 

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