Kevin Garnett Says Jordan Poole Doesn't Belong In The NBA: "This Is What You Learned In Golden State?"

Kevin Garnett tore into Jordan Poole for a disastrous start to his Wizards tenure.

Jordan Poole may be one of the biggest disappointments of the season so far.

He was expected to blossom into a No. 1 option on the Wizards but has been playing really ugly basketball and struggling.

Kevin Garnett hates what he's saying, tearing into Poole on his podcast with Paul Pierce and saying Poole doesn't deserve to be in the NBA.

It's just been a month into the season, but Poole has put together an impressive list of lowlights.

Just last night he decided to roll the ball down the court with 3 minutes left in a 10-point game,

completely oblivious that the game clock stops when only two minutes are left.

Even the Wizards are bracing themselves to possibly trade him away, which is a horrible sign for a player like Poole.

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