Leaked Audio Shows What Chris Paul And Scott Foster Were Arguing About

Leaked audio from Chris Paul and referee Scott Foster's dispute suggests a personal element, with Paul mentioning Foster talking about his son.

The contentious exchange between Chris Paul and referee Scott Foster during the Golden State Warriors vs. Phoenix Suns game has taken a new turn with an alleged leaked audio shedding light on the nature of their argument.  

The disagreement initially revolved around a foul call against Chris Paul with 23 seconds left in the first half. 

The call was related to a play where Paul made contact with Kevin Durant during a drive to the basket. 

Paul contested the decision, asserting that he was not impeding the offensive player.  

The argument escalated, leading Foster to issue a second unsportsmanlike technical foul, resulting in Paul's ejection from the game. 

The leaked audio reveals a personal element to the dispute, with Paul indicating that Foster made comments about his son during the heated exchange.  

The revelation adds a layer of complexity to the incident, suggesting that the disagreement went beyond the typical player-referee disputes seen on the court. 

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