Ric Flair Picks LeBron James Over Michael Jordan, Blasts Lakers Star's Critics Who Call Him An Old Man

Ric Flair is going with LeBron James over Michael Jordan. Flair also has an issue with James' critics.

WWE icon Ric Flair has chimed in on the LeBron James-Michael Jordan debate, and he firmly believes that the Los Angeles Lakers superstar is the greater player.

Considering Flair's ties with North Carolina, this sure was an interesting selection. 

When Shannon Sharpe asked him to pick between the two, the 74-year-old again made it clear which side he was on.

LeBron has had an incredible career, having won four NBA titles, four Finals MVPs, and four MVPs, to list just some of his major accolades. 

He became the league's all-time leading scorer earlier this year and is far from done either, despite being in his 21st season. 

While all of that is great, I'm sure his critics will point to many more things he has to accomplish to be regarded as greater than the Chicago Bulls icon.  

We also listed out what James must win in order to surpass Jordan as the GOAT. 

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