Should You Do Cardio Before or After Weights?

Danny King, CPT, a trainer at Life Time, a U.S. and Canadian health club franchise, says exercise before weights strengthens endurance. King told GoodRx Health, “The only time I really recommend doing cardio first is if there is some type of cardio performance goal.” “Whatever is done first will be paramount, both in body energy and time.” 

Glycogen in muscles is the main fuel source for weightlifting, stated King. Lifting weights when you have the most fuel will improve your performance. Starting with cardio depletes glycogen, lowering energy. And that will make weightlifting harder.”

Cardio After Weight

Pick a handful of lifts that you want to focus on improving during each session. That's more crucial than introducing a range of strength training techniques you don't know how to accomplish. 

Learn proper weight

If you're new to weightlifting, a personal trainer can help you get started. A trainer can help you form and create a cardio-strength programme.

Professional trainer

Walding advises raising effort by 2% with each workout. That could mean doing one extra rep than before.

Progress very gradually 

Walding advises tracking other elements in your training log besides exercises. These include daytime energy, sleep quality, stress, and unhealthy food desires. Quality of workout can effect all of these.

Log your training

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