Tony Allen Takes Massive Shot At Dillon Brooks: "Still Over There Getting His A*s Bust..."

Former NBA champion goes off on Dillon Brooks.

After comparing his exit from the Memphis Grizzlies to relations with an ex-girlfriend, Dillon Brooks sparked all kinds of outrage within the NBA community.

Among the latest to speak up is former NBA champion Tony Allen, 

who challenged Brooks' claim that the Grizzlies are regretting letting him go this summer.

Brooks' biggest rival last season was LeBron James, who he went out of his way to challenge before being defeated in the 2023 playoffs.

While LeBron and the Lakers gave Dillon a fat L this season, it's nothing compared to what happened in Memphis last year,

when Brooks led the Grizzlies on a massive collapse down the stretch of the season.

Dillon Brooks' villain arc did not happen overnight. In fact, he was viewed pretty favorably by most fans leading up to the 2022-23 season.

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