Top Universities in Usa for MS

It began as a technical school in 1891. Throop University was its name. Caltech is known worldwide for its natural science and engineering capabilities.

California Institute of Technology

The University of Chicago was founded in 1890. Chicago, the 3rd most populated US city, is home to this private research university. The University of Chicago has the most Nobel laureates in the US with 92.

University of Chicago

The University of Pennsylvania was founded in 1749. Benjamin Franklin headed 24 founders. Later, he became the founding father of the US. Higher education became popular at the school.

University of Pennsylvania

In 1640, Yale University was founded. It's an Ivy League private research university. Colonial clergymen founded the university to create a local college. Connecticut government granted a charter to open a Collegiate School in 1701.

Yale University

George II of Britain founded Columbia University in 1754. The fifth-oldest US university is a private research university. Nine colleges were formed before US independence, including the university. Kings College was the university's former name.

Columbia University

Princeton University was founded in 1746 as New Jersey College. The fourth-oldest US university. Twenty US presidents from colonial times to the present led the university.

Princeton University

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