Victor Wembanyama Debut Jersey Sells For $762K At Auction

Victor Wembanyama is bound to change the NBA. His size and skill set have made people call him the best prospect since LeBron James

even though it doesn't look like Wemby is as polished a prospect as 'Bron was. Nonetheless

Wembanyama is being pegged for greatness as his jersey from his NBA debut has already been auctioned off for $762,000.

The jersey was made available on Sotheby's auction block and far exceeded the $80,000 to $120,000 expected sale price

This aggressive bidding also shows that people have extremely high hopes for Wembanyama.

If a Luka Doncic card from his rookie season can sell for $3.12 million before he's even won an NBA title, this Wembanyama jersey could be worth even more

Victor Wembanyama is seeing fans change their opinions of him after a middling start to the season.

The Spurs are not playing well, with Wembanyama struggling to be an efficient scorer at the NBA level.

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