How To Take Care Rottweiler Puppies

Some breeders don't evaluate their breeding stock for health, so choosing wisely is crucial. Working abilities and conformation will show you if the dog you want is a Rottweiler. Though Rottweiler puppies are adorable and hard to resist, one must think carefully before adopting one.

You need patience and time to raise a Rottweiler puppy. It may be chaotic at first, but it will calm down. After getting a Rottweiler puppy, take him to the vet for de-worming and vaccines.

From day one, train your dog and set house rules to prevent "accidents". You can kennel the dogs to prevent housebreaking. Take your dog to the same area to relieve itself to form a habit. Avoid giving him free rein since it will set a negative precedent.

Rottweilers are eager to learn and keen to please their owners, therefore they learn quickly. You'll be astonished how rapidly they learn. Avoid harsh corrections and be kind and compassionate with them to boost learning. Reward good behaviour.

Rotties can weigh 135 pounds, so they need a lot of nutritious dog food. You must also prevent your dog from becoming overweight. You should feed your puppy good dog food.

Your Rottie will want to chew on everything as his teeth grow. Give your pet huge peanut butter-filled rubber Kongs. Instead of yelling at your puppy for chewing on furniture or other valuables, give him a tasty kong toy. 

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