What Dog Food is Best For Your Doberman?


The breed needs 25%–30% protein in its diet. Make sure the top two or three ingredients in your active Dobie's food are whole chicken, lamb, beef, or fish. Protein is also in meat meal. Avoid meat byproduct-based foods. The product you choose for your dog should focus on this nutrient.

Protein intake

Doberman diets must be 30% fat. Your food must contain omega3 and omega 6. These important fatty acids are found in flaxseed, chicken, and salmon oils. Food fat helps short-haired Dobies stay warm and healthy and shiny. Their short fur might dry out.

Fats intake

Their diet must contain 25% slow-burning complex carbs. Sweet potatoes provide easy-to-digest carbs that provide energy slowly to keep your dog active. Good grains like brown rice can be fed to the breed. 

Carbohydrates intake

Make sure your adult dog's diet has 2% calcium. Ca helps pups build strong bones. Minerals and vitamins should make up 10% of your dog's food to boost immunity. Leafy greens, carrots, green beans, pumpkin, etc. 

Vitamins and Minerals intake

Avoid red meat and cereals like maize and wheat if your dog has this condition. Hypothyroidism causes weight gain.


Big deep-chested dogs are susceptible to this lethal condition. Give your dog three or four little meals a day to prevent gas buildup. Adding wet meal to dry food reduces gas. Avoid exercising the dog before or after meals. Water must always be available to the dog.


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