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10 Budget-Friendly DIY Christmas Decorations To Brighten Your Homes

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10 Budget-Friendly DIY Christmas Decorations To Brighten Your Homes
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10 Budget-Friendly DIY Christmas Decorations To Brighten Your Homes:- As the Grinch taught us, Christmas is more than a store-bought gift, so we’re all about saving money and making memories.

A beautiful and joyous Christmas effect on a shoestring (and we’ll need to with the cost of living problem) is doable. Simply be more creative with your decorating and consider DIY Christmas ideas.

10 Budget-Friendly DIY Christmas Decorations To Brighten Your Homes

1. Start simple with paper chains

  • Paper chains are a simple budget Christmas decoration that can be made spectacular with a little effort. Marbling your own paper with old nail polishes for a luxurious artisan effect or making your own from wrapping paper scraps or plain card?
  • If you don’t have time to cut out enough strips for a Christmas mantlepiece garland, Amazon sells pre-made paper chain sets.

2. Turn fabric scraps into bold bows

  • ‘I’m seeing Christmas trees festooned in ribbons everywhere this year,’ says Ideal Home’s Deputy Digital Editor Rebecca Knight.
  • I’ve been tempted to buy Habitat bows, but I have so much ribbon and fabric remnants at home that this was the ideal way to use them!

3. Experience macramé magic

  • Why not try this festive macramé twist for a cheap but chic Christmas decoration?
  • “While a white Christmas is rare in the UK, you can still turn your home into a winter wonderland,” explains Hobbycraft content marketing manager Aisha Cluitt.

4. Hang some hand-made stars

  • Hang some stars to prepare for Christmas. Shape wooden dowels into stars and wrap them with florist’s wire. Add beads or imitation berries to one side with wire. To decorate the stars, add eucalyptus.
  • Hang them in a window for passersby or in a stairway to track the stars at night for a great Christmas stair décor idea.

5. Create a magical menu

  • Christmas dining room ideas include chalking your festive menu on a blackboard framed with foliage and fairy lights to give guests a taste.
  • Ivy and eucalyptus won’t dry out, so use them. A basic board, piece of wood, or even an old framed picture painted in blackboard paint from Amazon would do if you don’t have a blackboard!
10 Budget-Friendly DIY Christmas Decorations To Brighten Your Homes

10 Budget-Friendly DIY Christmas Decorations To Brighten Your Homes

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6. Use embroidery hoops to mark changes

  • This two-hour Christmas wall decor idea is wonderful. Swirling fern leaves around wooden embroidery hoops make a festive wreath and greet guests.
  • Amazon sells 12 embroidery hoops for under £15. For iridescent shimmer, use rose-gold and copper metallic paint. Elegantly hang from cotton and velvet ribbon in the hallway.

7. Create an unusual scarf garland

  • Knot silk scarves or hankerchiefs to make a unique garland. Look around your home or at your local charity shop for treasures.
  • Tie leftover fabric scraps together for a similar effect. This would look great draped over a mantlepiece or down a staircase for a unique Christmas stair concept.

8. Turn jam jars into votives

  • Use eco glitter and plant mica or sand to decorate jam or candle jars. Tape a piece of glass in the bottom of the jar, glue it, then dip or shake it in glitter. Let dry and remove tape. Put a candle in plant mica or sand. Tie and decorate the top for more detail.

9. Make an alternative advent calendar

  • Alternative advent calendar ideas are a great way to start a cheap Christmas. Instead than buying expensive beauty or chocolate advent calendars, make one with personalized small delights.
  • Tiny toys, collectible figures, and artistic purchases will please kids, while teens will like mini make-up and hair accessories. Label tiny boxes and paper bags with numbers 1–24 for the snacks.

10. Create an easy bauble chandelier

  • Make a hanging decoration for a dining table or hallway center. A cheap plastic hula-hula hoop can be spray-painted or covered with tape or string as a basis. Simply tie on a variety of colored Christmas ornaments at various heights.

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