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10 Cat Breeds That Are Black and White

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10 Cat Breeds That Are Black and White
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10 Cat Breeds That Are Black and White :- Piebald or tuxedo cats are black and white. The tuxedo coat insignia resemble a formal dinner suit. Moggie cats, mixed-breed domestic cats, can be black and white. These 10 common cats can have black and white coats or different markings.

When adopting a black and white cat, consider its temperament and breed traits. Provide a good home-lifestyle fit.

10 Cat Breeds That Are Black and White

1. Maine Coon

  • Maine coons, one of the largest cat breeds, are gentle.
  • Their unique appearance and shiny coat make them one of the most popular breeds worldwide.
  • Most Maine coons are tabby, however they can be black or white.
  • Respectful kids and dogs get along with these kitties.
  • Loyal, affectionate, and smart. A family with tiny pets may not like Maine coons, which are superb mousers.


  • Heights up to 16″
  • 9–17 pounds
  • COLOUR AND COAT: Long, double coat with 75+ colour options and green, gold, or copper eyes.
  • Expected lifespan: 9–15 years

2. Cornish Rex

  • With its tight, curling fur, wide-set big ears, and slender build, a black and white Cornish Rex is stunning.
  • Sometimes called the cat’s greyhound. Active and social, this breed thrives with others.
  • Intelligent Cornish Rex cats may learn many skills and work as therapy animals.


  • 12–14″ tall
  • Weight 6–10 pounds
  • Hair is tight and curly, and it comes in solid, shaded, smoky, and tabby colours.
  • Life Expectancy: 10–16

3. Manx Cat

  • The Cornish Rex and Manx are dog-like. Playful, friendly, even-tempered, and enthusiastic.
  • Smart and trainable Manx cats. These cats should have no tails, however non-showing cats may have a small stump.
  • Many coat colours are available, including black and white. Long haired and short haired breeds have dense double coats.
  • Cats are known for their mouse-catching prowess.


  • 8–12 pounds
  • Ten to twelve inches tall
  • Colours: White, blue, black, red, cream, silver, tortoiseshell, blue cream, and brown; short- and long-haired; tailless.
  • Life Expectancy: 14–16
10 Cat Breeds That Are Black and White

10 Cat Breeds That Are Black and White

4. Munchkin

  • Genetic mutations shorten the legs of this breed, hence its name.
  • The Munchkins come in many colours, including black and white.
  • Cute, friendly, and outgoing, these cats are small. With their small legs, Munchkins may need help grooming hard-to-reach areas.
  • Due to its shorter legs, twisted spine, and severe arthritis, this cat’s breeding is controversial.
  • These health problems prevent many pedigree cat associations from recognising the breed.


  • Weight: 6-9 lbs
  • 5-to-7-inch height
  • The coat can be short haired with a medium-length plush coat or long haired with a semi-long silky coat in any colour combination or pattern.
  • Life Expectancy: 12–15 Jared.

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5. Oriental Short-hair

  • The Oriental short hair is distinct from the Siamese.
  • Unlike Siamese, these cats have green eyes and different patterns and hues, including black and white.
  • Like Siamese, Oriental short hairs are curious, chatty, and even-tempered.
  • Due to their short, single coats, these cats prefer a warm, draft-free house. Longer-haired Orientals are distinct.


  • Height: 9–11″
  • 8–10 pounds
  • Short, smooth coat in solids, shaded, smoke, and tabby; green, blue, gold, and yellow eyes.
  • 10-15 years life expectancy

 6. Persian

  • Black and white Persians are also available, but the pure white is the most photographed and treasured.
  • With long, thick coats, huge, vibrant eyes, and smashed features, this breed is easy to spot.
  • Their calm, low-energy, and cuddly nature make them popular. Not the smartest or most trainable cats.
  • Persians need daily care for their long, shiny coats. Without care, it mattes and is uncomfortable.


  • 14–18″ tall
  • 7–12 pounds
  • Long solid (white, black, cream), tabby, calico, bi-colour, silver and gold, shaded, and smoke coat.
  • Life expectancy: 10–17

7. Scottish Fold

  • Known for their little folded-over ears, Scottish folds look mischievous. Not impish, these kitties.
  • Scottish folds do well with other pets and respecting children due to their laid-back nature.
  • The same mutation that folds ears can induce degenerative joint disease that affects cartilage and bone formation, causing severe arthritis.
  • To avoid matted fur and hairballs, groom their dense coat regularly. Black and white is one of numerous breed colours.


  • Five to eleven pounds
  • Eight to ten inches tall
  • Coat and colour: Short coats in calico, tortoiseshell, and tabby patterns.
  • Life Expectancy: 11–14

08. Siberian Cat

  • The triple coat of Siberian cats is dense and semi-long haired.
  • They need this fur to survive in Russia’s forests subarctic Siberia.
  • Due to its sweet, lively nature and attractiveness, the breed is gaining popularity in the U.S.
  • Active and smart Siberians need enrichment to avoid boredom. They shed heavily but don’t mat.
  • The Siberian’s most frequent pattern is brown tabby, however they can come in black and white.


  • Weight 8–15 pounds
  • Coat and colour: Semi-long haired, triple-coat, coarse to soft, many hues.
  • Life Expectancy: 10–18

9. Turkish Angora

  • The exquisite, long-haired Turkish Angora was previously white-only.
  • This hue is still the most frequent, but they also come in black and white.
  • In a household with lots of company, Turkish Angoras thrive. They require lots of affection and enrichment.
  • They play more than other cats and can get mischievous if bored.
  • Unlike most cats, this breed enjoys swimming and playing in water.


  • Weight: 5-9 lbs
  • Height: 9–14″
  • Long, silky coats in white with lavender, chocolate, or Himalayan patterning, tabby, or calico.


10. Domestic Mixed Breed Cat

  • Moggie cats are domestic mixed-breed cats without pedigrees.
  • Most rescue shelters nationwide have these cats for adoption.
  • Beauty, intelligence, compassion, and good health characterise them.
  • Many coat colours and designs are available, including black and white.

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