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10 Human Psychology Tricks That Everyone Should Know

10 Human Psychology Tricks That Everyone Should Know
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10 Human Psychology Tricks That Everyone Should Know: Understanding basic principles of human psychology which motivate behavior provides immense power. Simple tricks exploiting quirks in how people think and act can be employed to influence outcomes in your personal and professional life.

10 Human Psychology Tricks That Everyone Should Know

The Spotlight Effect

We overestimate how much people notice about us, assuming the spotlight shines brighter. But in reality most are too preoccupied with their own image to scrutinize yours. This relieves self-conscious anxieties.

Subconscious Triggers

Positive and negative associations unconsciously shape our actions and opinions without awareness. Restaurants play familiar music people relate to happy times to induce pleasure which translates to ordering more food. Put this into practice during sales pitches or negotiations through embedded encouragement.

Contrast Principle

Comparisons dramatically impact preferences and perceived value. Display an expensive item next to one drastically reduced in cost makes the deal seem like a steal. The contrast effect makes it irresistible. Apply this dynamic strategically.

Scarcity Principle

Opportunities become exponentially more desirable when availability seems limited. Imposing exclusivity by restrictive terms like tiny batch quantities or short time windows spurs immediate action overrides rational hesitation.

Anchoring Effect

Initial exposure fixes perceptions. First impressions stick, even arbitrary starting points anchor price negotiations. Introduce anchor amounts to define ranges in your favor.

Zeigarnik Effect

Humans remember unfinished tasks better than completed ones with annoying intrusiveness. End things on a cliffhanger prompting eager follow up for closure. Serial content creators exploit this.

Ostentatious Advantage

Flaunting possessions and privileges fosters perceptions of success and competence, influencing people’s willingness to follow your lead or recommendations. Display items like diplomas openly.

Confidence Heuristic

Exuding certainty translates directly to credibility driving intuitive trust. State claims clearly and decisively as fact rather than watered down opinion.


People unconsciously obligated to repay generosity in tangible ways. Offer unsolicited favors or concessions and request return goodwill when needed. Initial gift needn’t be costly.

Baader Meinhof Phenomenon

Suddenly noticing concepts frequently after first exposure self-validates importance in minds making believers. Prepare audience through primer encounter they’ll remember.

Master these quirks of human psychology for surprising influence over hearts and minds in your orbit without raising suspicion. The slightest touch can tip outcomes if applied judiciously. Now act consciously instead of merely reacting intuitively.

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