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10 Human Psychology Tricks That Everyone Should Know

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10 Human Psychology Tricks That Everyone Should Know
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10 Human Psychology Tricks That Everyone Should Know: Here are some basic psychological and sociological truths that not only make sense but, upon hearing, you realise you’ve kind of known all along:

10 Human Psychology Tricks That Everyone Should Know

1. Reciprocity:

  • People tend to feel obligated to return favors. If you do something nice for someone, they are more likely to reciprocate.

2. Mirroring:

  • Mirroring the body language and gestures of others can create a sense of connection and rapport, making them feel more comfortable around you.

3. Scarcity:

  • Creating a sense of scarcity or limited availability can increase the perceived value of something. People often desire what is perceived as rare or hard to obtain.

4. Anchoring:

  • Introduce a high or low value before negotiating to anchor the perceived value of a product or service. The initial reference point influences subsequent judgments.

5. Social Proof:

  • People tend to follow the actions of others, especially in uncertain situations. Highlighting the popularity or positive experiences of others can influence behavior.


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6. Commitment and Consistency:

  • Once someone commits to a small request or idea, they are more likely to remain consistent with that commitment. This principle is based on the desire to align actions with beliefs.

7. Authority:

  • People are more likely to trust and comply with those perceived as experts or authorities in a particular domain. Establishing credibility can influence behavior.

8. Foot-in-the-Door Technique:

  • Getting someone to agree to a small request increases the likelihood of them agreeing to a larger request later. It’s based on the idea that agreeing to a small task creates a sense of commitment.

9. Liking:

  • People are more likely to be influenced by those they like. Building rapport, finding common ground, and expressing genuine interest can enhance likability and influence.

10. Emotional Contagion:

  • Emotions can be contagious, spreading from person to person. Being aware of your own emotions and projecting positive ones can influence the emotional atmosphere in a social setting.

Psychology tricks are to be used to enhance your life and not for maladaptive reasons. While you may not choose to implement all the aforementioned ones, you will be able to spot psychology tricks when they’re used by others.

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