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11 Essential Skincare Tips For The Ultimate Summer Glow Up

11 Essential Skincare Tips For The Ultimate Summer Glow Up

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11 Essential Skincare Tips For The Ultimate Summer Glow Up: Get Ready to Glow Your Brightest This Summer Sun’s out, glow up time! Boost your routine with these 11 tips for a summer skin sensation.

11 Essential Skincare Tips For The Ultimate Summer Glow Up

1. Exfoliate Regularly

Gently sloughing away dead skin cells leaves fresh new skin exposed. Use a body scrub 1-2 times a week or try a chemical exfoliant packed with glycolic or lactic acid.

2. Hydrate From The Inside Out

Staying hydrated is crucial for a dewy glow so make water your summertime staple. Infuse H20 with fruit for added benefits. Herbal teas also boost skin.

3. Protect With SPF

Shield skin from sun damage and hyperpigmentation using a broad spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen on exposed areas. Reapply every two hours when outside.

4. Clarify Blemishes

Salicylic acid cleansers help keep pores clear of congestion while medicated spot treatments quickly tackle breakouts head-on for clearer-looking skin.

5. Beat The Heat With Ice

Fight inflammation and irritation by wrapping an ice cube in cloth and rubbing over skin. Also helps to boost blood flow increasing radiance.

6. Glow With Vitamin C

A potent complexion brightener, vitamin C serums even skin tone, tackle UV spots, and packs a big antioxidant punch against environmental damage.

7. Add An Essence

These hydrating hybrid formulas provide another layer of nourishment and prep skin nicely for heavier moisturizers. Light, fast-absorbing and effective.

8. Multi-Mask Regularly

Target different areas more effectively by multi-masking – use a pore-clearing clay on the T-zone and hydrating overnight gel formula on cheeks.

9. Take Targeted Supplements

Skin-enhancing supplements like collagen peptides support skin structure while algae promotes elasticity and healthy turnover for renewed glow.

10. Sleep On Silk

Reduce nighttime friction and morning puffiness. Silk pillowcases prevent tossing, turning and don’t absorb night creams allowing them to fully penetrate.

11. Eat Bright Foods

A diet abundant in colorful antioxidant-rich fruits, veggies and superfoods directly translates to a more vibrant appearance inside and out. Radiance comes from within!

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