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12 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look Like a Winter Wonderland This Holiday Season

12 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look Like a Winter Wonderland This Holiday Season


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12 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look Like a Winter Wonderland This Holiday Season:- It’s time to decorate your hallways, trees, walls, and doors. Shopping for or ordering online Christmas decorations is convenient, but homemade ones are special and charming. These thoughtful Christmas craft ideas and projects are easy, fun, and affordable (couldn’t we all use a little extra money for kid gifts and stocking stuffers?).

There are easy Christmas ornaments, basic table decorations, and stunning DIY holiday wreaths for every taste and ability level. This list includes a green-and-white quilt tree, knitted sweater stockings, a galvanized pail advent calendar, and many ideas for using old Shiny Brite ornaments and cookie cutters. No hot glue gun? No worries! Even beginner crafters will find an adorable project to practice on.

After decorating inside, go creative outside. These DIY outdoor Christmas decorations will quickly decorate your front porch for the holidays. A wreath of Shiny Brite ornaments gives your door a vintage look, while “snow-covered” pine cones add a natural touch. Start creating!

12 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look Like a Winter Wonderland This Holiday Season

1. Prize “Pine” Tree

  • A cabin or cottage would look lovely decorated for the holidays with a garland of green horse show ribbons, which are typically given out for placing sixth.

2. Quilt Tree

  • Begin with a verdant quilt (we found ours at Folklore Fibers Studio) for an eye-catching presentation. Trim a half-inch thick sheet of foam core to the exact dimensions of the triangle you want.
  • No cutting required; just wrap the quilt snugly around the center of the foam and pin it in place. Positioned on a “tree trunk” picnic basket.

3. Shiny Yarn Decorations

  • Make these adorable star ornaments with the kids with just three simple craft ingredients!
  • In order to create: With an X-acto knife, cut a cardboard star form. Cover the star entirely with yarn, securing it near the star’s points with a few drops of hot glue.
  • Making a hanging loop is as simple as glueing the ends of a length of yarn to the back at one location.

4. Terra-Cotta Tannenbaum

  • Felt garland and stacked pots of several sizes of weathered flowerpots create a lovely garden-themed porch or potting shed decoration.

5. Peppermint, cloth

  • Put a bowl of DIY fabric peppermints on the holiday buffet or scatter them about the centerpiece.
  • To make: Cut red and white ticking striped fabric into a 6.5-by-4-inch rectangle. Cut ornamental short ends with pinking shears. Hot glue two 2.2-inch wood craft rings together (or glue cardboard rounds together). Wrap rings with cloth and bind ends with red rickrack.

6 . Bingo Forest

  • Decorate the mantel with vintage bingo card trees.
  • Make: Cut three to five half-tree-shaped pieces from matching bingo cards (flat and jagged edges). For a 3D tree, hot-glue the flat edges to a 3/8-inch dowel and fan them out.
  • Attach a bingo tile topper with hot glue. Tall wooden spools make dowels easy to display.

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12 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look Like a Winter Wonderland This Holiday Season
12 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look Like a Winter Wonderland This Holiday Season

7. Doily Display

  • Snowflake-shaped ladies’ luncheon staples add winter fun to a wall. Use double-sided tape to adhere triangular paper doilies, then gather smaller ones to make the square trunk.

8. Craft Bead and Button Snowman

  • Make a bunch of these cute snowmen to decorate the tree or a Christmas garland.
  • Use markers to draw snowmen on wooden craft beads. Put baker’s thread through a brown button. The thread twine should go through two simple buttons and the face button.
  • Make a cap by threading string through 5-6 black buttons. Tie twine near to the top button to hold everything together, then approximately 2 inches up to form a hanging loop. Make a scarf by tying a tiny red felt piece to buttons.

9. Yarn Ornaments

  • Knitters will love decorating with these soft yarn ball ornaments.
  • To make: Wrap yarn around a transparent plastic Christmas ornament, holding the beginning with hot glue, until it is entirely covered. Like knitting needles, thread bamboo cocktail picks through yarn. Hang as desired.

10. Merry Little Mobile

  • Cookie cutter mobiles set a festive baking tone. Wrap gold ribbon over two 9- and 10-inch embroidery hoops. Two twine lengths should cross in the middle of each hoop.
  • Bend the ends of 8 1/2-inch craft wire into hooks. Hook the wire to the twine where it joins in the middle to connect the hoops. Adjust twine to suspend cutters evenly from hoops.

11. Glittered Cookie Cutter Centerpiece

  • Glitter-covered cookie cutters in a faux snow compote make the cutest centerpiece.

12. Garland Cookie Cutter

  • Hang this simple DIY cookie cutter garland on a mantel, dresser, or kitchen windows. Done decorating!
  • To make: Hang cookie cutters on a long ribbon with short baker’s twine loops.

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