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5 Best Home Good Luck Plants

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5 Best Home Good Luck Plants
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5 Best Home Good Luck Plants :-There are several reasons plants are our companions. They produce oxygen and minimize air pollutants like benzaldehyde and formaldehyde. Who doesn’t like beautiful greenery and a pleasant vibe? These green companions also bring luck. Some plants might bring luck to homes and businesses when placed in a specific way. Nursery live specialists selected the Top 10 Lucky Plants to bring riches and success to your life and house.

5 Best Home Good Luck Plants

1 Jade Plant

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  • Small, fleshy, thick leaves and wide stalks make Jade Plant ideal for any room.
  • This plant produces good energy and is called the entrance to success and fortune.
  • Cancer ascendant folks like jade plant.
  • The Feng Shui benefits of Jade Plant vary by direction:
  • It promotes family peace and wellness in the East.
  • Keeping it west promotes creativity and luck to youngsters.
  • Wealth comes to the southeast.

2. Money plant

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  • Money Plant is a famous Indian and Chinese houseplant.
  • Some say this plant attracts money and repels negativity.
  • This green climber even purifies and rejuvenates the air by reducing toxins.
  • The wonderful aspect is that Money Plants may grow in soil or an old glass bottle with water.
  • Vastu and Feng Shui recommend placing your Money Plant at the South-East corner of your room for riches and success.

3. Lucky Bamboo

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  • Because of its name, this plant must be included.
  • Fortunate Bamboo is flexible and fortunate.
  • Taking care of Lucky Bamboo is also thought to bring luck.
  • This plant is a popular housewarming gift in China and Asia.
  • This attractive plant takes little maintenance and may complement your home design.
  • Just place it in a glass or plastic vase with plenty of water.
  • Lucky Bamboo draws health when maintained in the east and money and wealth when kept in the southeast.

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5 Best Home Good Luck Plants

5 Best Home Good Luck Plants

4. Money Plant Pachira

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  • Money Tree or Pachira Aquatica is another Feng Shui fortunate plant that represents riches and vitality.
  • It grows nicely in low light and is simple to handle.
  • These plants have braided stems to symbolize longevity and connection.
  • The main distinguishing traits of these plants are long leaves with parallel veins and sturdy stems with three or five braiding.
  • Their popularity is highest in Chinese homes.
  • Place this plant in the east or wealth corner of your room.

5. Tulsi (Basil)

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  • No need to introduce this plant. Tulsi leaves, revered in most Indian families, have several uses.
  • The herb tastes great and has therapeutic properties.
  • Vastu recommends placing Tulsi plants in the North, North-East, or East for positive and wellness.
  • Keep Tulsi away from the south of your house for bad luck.
  • For optimal growth, this plant requires sunshine and water.

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