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7 Christmas Decorations We Love To Hate

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7 Christmas Decorations We Love To Hate
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7 Christmas Decorations We Love To Hate:-The best time of the year brings time with loved ones, fresh-baked cookies and sky-high trifles, nostalgic music, and garland-wrapped trees with treasured ornaments. Despite all this beauty, a few Christmas decorations turn our sugar-plum dreams into nightmares every year. Some of our Southern Living Grinches complain about holiday décor they hate.

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7 Christmas Decorations We Love To Hate

Interfering Decorations

  • We love surprise holiday touches, but don’t neglect the practical. “Fake cotton snow on the kitchen island is not ideal for food prep,” grumbles a Southern Living editor. “Do not wreath a set of cabinets so you can’t open them. Make it beautiful and functional.”

Real Christmas Trees

  • Please note that we appreciate real trees, especially those cut at the local farm or sold by a community organization as an annual fundraiser, before you cancel your subscription. Sometimes we love to loathe our Fraser firs because they’re so annoying.
  • “It requires more water than my front porch planters, requires daily vacuuming of loose needles, and my dog tries to climb it every minute. It smells great, but every year I wonder myself, ‘Is it worth it?’” says a Southern Living Scrooge.

A Christmas tree with flocking

  • In an area with little or no snow, a faux-snow-covered tree is charming, but flocking something yourself can be disastrous. I dislike flocking stuff. A snow-hating Southern Living employee complains about the mess.

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7 Christmas Decorations We Love To Hate

7 Christmas Decorations We Love To Hate

Christmas Villages—Not for the Reason You Think

  • Many enjoy the tiny tabletop settings, but unpacking them can be as gloomy as a visit from Christmas Future. One Southern Living Christmas crab complains: “It takes 90 hours to remove all the pieces from the perfectly cut Styrofoam packaging.” We think putting them back up is equally as entertaining.

Animated Holiday Characters

  • Some claim you despise your fears. At least one Southern Living editor dislikes dancing Saint Nicks: “No matter how many times I walk by them, they will scare me every time.”
  • If your family has easily frightened members, you may want to reconsider animatronics.

White or Multi-Colored Lights, Your Choice

  • Our office has few disagreements as contentious as white vs. multi-colored lights. We may let you debate which barbecue sauce or mayonnaise to use on sandwiches, but your Christmas light preference is as clear as your Iron Bowl team: One cannot be Team Both.
  • Those who prefer white lighting say multi-colored lights are a mess. Team Multi-Colored Lights says White Lights are a snooze—why waste the electricity on that? We’re sure you’ll despise the other team’s lights wherever you land.

LED projectors

  • We like LED bulbs (they consume less energy than incandescent bulbs), but we don’t like projected displays on home exteriors as a substitute to string lights.
  • “Take your lazy decoration back to Lowe’s and get real lights,” Southern Living sour puss says. You might call us old-fashioned.

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