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9 French Tip Nail Ideas For Fall

9 French Tip Nail Ideas For Fall


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9 French Tip Nail Ideas For Fall:-The French manicure’s basic color pallet and iconic white tip make it one of the most classic nail art styles. Autumn is the perfect time to update this classic trend for the coming months. New multicolored French tips are sweeping salons, from earthy neutrals and russet reds to glittering golds and somber metallics. We asked some of the top nail artists about autumn’s coolest colorful French tip nail ideas and how to duplicate them at home.

9 French Tip Nail Ideas For Fall

Fire red

  • Pantone’s autumn/winter 2023-2024 trend report calls blazing red “sexy and sensual” and will be everywhere this autumn.
  • “It’s set to be the ‘it’ shade of the season,” says session manicurist Ami Streets, “and it’s so easy to translate this color into a fashion-forward nail look by incorporating it into a chic French tip.”
  • To replicate the look, Ami recommends Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Color in Pirate, $32. “It’s a rich, classic color that will suit everyone,” says Ami. Take Instagram inspiration from Alexandra Teleki, The Hot Blend.

Mocha moment

  • This summer’s viral latte makeup trend is influencing fall nail art, with coffee-inspired tints sure to be popular French tip colors.
  • “Think warm, chocolatey browns and shades reminiscent of warm lattes or autumn leaves,” says Townhouse founder and creative director Juanita Huber-Millet.
  • They match the season’s comfortable sentiments and work well for day and night ensembles, making it a versatile color.
  • Take Instagram nail artist Amy Le’s advice. Manicurist Nail Polish in Chestnut, £14, is a warm, rich brown, while Peacci Nail Polish in Latte, £10, is milkier.


  • Halloween nail art is ubiquitous, but this one will last until October 31. “Deep oranges make a fun twist on the classic French tip,” says nail pro Samantha Rose.
  • “Adding metallic accents, like a gold swirl or the stars in my Halloween nails, is perfect for this time of year.”
  • To make it autumnal, like nail artist Samantha Rose, choose oranges with a warm terracotta base rather than clear neon.
  • Sally Hansen Good. Kind. Pure Nail Polish Carrot Cake, $7.49, is ideal.

Silver molten

  • As party season approaches, metallics dominate nail art, but silver is a favorite for French tips in autumn. ami says, “This metallic silver shade takes its inspiration from street style right now and the move towards silver jewelry and metallic accessories,” like Imarni’s Instagram look.
  • It provides dimension and character to a manicure and is flexible with any color.
  • For $8, Sephora Color Hit Mini Nail Polish in Engagement Ring gives nails a glossy metallic polish that looks costly.

    Burgundy red

  • If wearing dark colors on your nails is too daring for autumn, a bright French tip is the perfect entrée to a more dramatic color pallet, like Amy Le’s nails. “Most colors look great as a French tip, but I love deep reds,” says nail artist and OPI global ambassador Iram Shelton.
  • Instead of flashy pillar-box reds, try cherry cola or deep merlots.
  • Iram recommends OPI Chick Flick Cherry Nail Lacquer, $9.85, to replicate this. “I’ve never received so many compliments since wearing it on my nails,” adds Iram.

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9 French Tip Nail Ideas For Fall
9 French Tip Nail Ideas For Fall

Alpine green

  • Olive and emerald are salon favorites for autumn manicure colors. Alpine green, a brighter, fresher green, has been appearing on our feeds a lot and is ready to take off for autumn.
  • Instagram nails by digital creator Lauren.
  • This style may be replicated at home with Mavala’s Copenhagen Nail Polish, $19.99, a vibrant forest green.

    Onyx shines

  • Instead of the usual white of a French manicure, glossy black tips will be big in autumn.
  • See Sadie J Nails’ manicure for inspiration. “Black is a great choice for edgy and modern styles,” explains Juanita.
  • “The color perfectly complements autumn’s darker palette.”
  • Choose glossy, lacquered varnishes for shine.
  • Nail specialists always recommend Essie Nail Color in Licorice, $8.

Transitional tips

  • A mismatched autumnal twist on bright French tips makes sense because the palette is so variegated.
  • Nail technician Jaz Moger says a multicolored French is the perfect transition from summer to autumn since it’s light and stylish yet has a fall/winter tip.
  • Nail artist Franci recommends “opt for burnt oranges, rich browns and deep greens, or go for a mixture of them all,” like this manicure


  • Nail artist Sadie Jordan recommends surprising colors like this yellow-tinged olive green for fall French tips.
  • “Woody browns, burnt oranges, muted teals, and mustard yellows are fun ways to add color this season,” says Sadie.

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