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Devin Faces a Dress Disaster on 90 Day Fiance (Recap)

Devin Faces a Dress Disaster on 90 Day Fiance (Recap)
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Devin Faces a Dress Disaster on 90 Day Fiance (Recap)

Devin Faces a Dress Disaster on 90 Day Fiance (Recap)

Devin Faces a Dress Disaster on 90 Day Fiance (Recap)

After Nick’s parents liked Devin’s first impression, he’s had no luck.On 90 Day Fiance Season 10, Episode 10, Devin’s dad confronts his future son-in-law about body-shaming. Because yuck.Devin is panicking as the wedding approaches. The wedding dress is bad.

Devin Hoofman and Nick Ham

Nick helps Devin’s dad, Kevin, clean his fishing boat. Mostly simply an excuse to chat. Nick disappointed the family at the catfish fry. After insulting Americans, he insulted Devin. Bad form to call your fiancee “piggy”. Devin is used to it, but her family is not. It’s not their intention. Kevin begins with Nick’s Korean preconception that Americans are overweight.


Here’s what’s happening. Devin’s dad is a bit confrontational. Perhaps he should have explained cultural nuance. Fatphobia and body-shaming are widespread in the US, but discussing them is unpleasant. Especially now that people are less judgmental of others’ bodies than 25 years ago. Nick is burying himself down deeper. He realizes he made a negative impression but can’t restore it.


Nick insults Devin with his moniker. A term of endearment and inside joke? Sure. However, it is offensive and degrading at this point. Her dad mentions it. After her initial discomfort, Nick claims Devin “accepted” it. Kevin suggests that may not be a strong relationship foundation. He notes that this small irritation may irritate worse over time.

Time for a different crisis

Devin’s hanbok arrives. The US wedding is planned for her and Nick to wear traditional Korean wedding dress. Neat, huh? Unfortunately, the dress’s top is gold. Even if it fits, she won’t wear it. Gold doesn’t suit everyone, thus Devin hates it.

Welcome to hell

Devin hardly enjoys dress shopping. In case the seamstress can’t de-aurify the hanbok in time, she’s buying a backup dress. However, none fascinate her. It’s a miserable exercise.

She doesn’t want a backup dress

Some dresses are nice. Some, like hers, don’t. No one interests her. Devin becomes mad. Her mother and sister know she’ll accomplish this one way or another. Devin storms out to a dressing room quietly. Wedding dresses are stressful, expensive, and essential, hence there are many reality shows about them. Naturally, some people collapse under pressure.

Oh dear

Whether the issue is specific or stress is unclear. The wedding is soon, and the dress may fail. But Devin doesn’t want the cameras to see her when her mother talks to her. Actually, she doesn’t want them to listen. Removes her mic and gives it to her mom.

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