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Enhance Your Everyday Walk with These 7 Tricks

Enhance Your Everyday Walk with These 7 Tricks


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Enhance Your Everyday Walk with These 7 Tricks :Walking is the most popular exercise activity because it’s easy and has many benefits. “Walking improves your psychological and physical health,” says Los Angeles’ nationally board-certified health and wellness coach Patricia Friberg, MPS.Samantha Parker, MS, a certified yoga therapist and kinesiophobia and cognitive movement specialist in Washington, D.C., says walking is low-impact and less stressful on your joints. Friberg says walking can help you reduce weight and prevent heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and several malignancies.

Enhance Your Everyday Walk with These 7 Tricks

1.Walk with intention

  • Record your weekly walking schedule. “Having a plan and intention will help you achieve your goals,” Friberg adds.
  • Monday might be an interval walk, Tuesday a gentle stroll with a friend, Wednesday a 45-minute steady-state walk, and Thursday mindful walking by focusing on the outside.

2.Climb hills

  • Like doing out, you don’t want to walk the same path every day, especially if there are no hills.
  • Former Olympic sprinter and Los Angeles fitness expert Samantha Clayton says, “Adjusting your walking gradient will increase your calorie burn and push you to get more posterior chain (aka glutes) work out of your walking routine.”

3.Enlist a buddy

  • It should be obvious that a pleasurable walking workout is easier to maintain.
  • “The best way to have adherence to exercise is to create a positive response to the activity so you want to do it more,” Friberg adds.

4.Incorporate interval training

  • Clayton says interval training keeps you from becoming bored and trains your body harder in less time.
  • For example, walk fast at 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being an all-out sprint) for 45 seconds, then slowly at 3 for 30 seconds, continuing this throughout your walk.
  • Cardiovascular fitness and endurance will improve.

5.Time yourself—and beat yourself

  • Have a favorite loop or walking trail? Time yourself and see if you can walk that loop or trail faster each time, Friberg suggests.
  • Try to beat your time by 15 seconds, then 30 seconds, and keep challenging yourself.

6.Plan your music in advance

  • Music motivates exercise, according to research.3 Clay recommends to use technology to make playlists to trigger physiological responses.
  • Browse your music collection and choose tunes for your workout.
  • Endurance workouts benefit from steady beats, whereas intervals require more intense music.

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7.Take to the trails

  • Although trails are sometimes uneven, they have surprising benefits.
  • “This forces your mind to become aware of your surroundings and enhances spatial and vestibular awareness needed for balance,” Parker adds.
  • Uneven terrain helps you burn more calories and build stabilizer muscles, which are typically disregarded.

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