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How To Store An Artificial Christmas Tree

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How To Store An Artificial Christmas Tree:-The convenience of not having to bring a live tree inside every year from the lot is a major selling point of artificial trees. With real trees, you have to worry about needles landing everywhere as you bring in a new tree. Energy, time, and money are all spared. So long as you know how to properly store your fake tree.

These days, you may find a plethora of tools designed to simplify the process. Proper preparation is the first step in ensuring the longevity of your faux fir, before we delve into bags, boxes, and creative solutions. Take this step.

How To Store An Artificial Christmas Tree

1. Take everything apart

  • Dismantle all of the decorations, including lights. Leaving them on all year and taking the tree down without assembling it is enticing, but you risk ruining decorations and lights if you do that. For next year’s easy disassembly, storage, and assembly, put them in their respective containers.

2. Wipe

  • Branches can be swiftly vacuumed or cleaned with a microfiber cloth for an easy, basic clean. You may even use a spray bottle filled with a mixture of dish soap and water to clean trees that do not have lights. Just spray it on the tree and wipe it off.
  • The Maids also say that you may give your plants a good rinsing in the shower by placing them in water-resistant containers that don’t require lighting.
  • The maids recommend using a microfiber cloth, a delicate vacuum, or a soft-bristled brush on illuminated trees.
  • Before putting anything away, make sure it’s completely dry and clean, regardless of the method you choose.

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How To Store An Artificial Christmas Tree

How To Store An Artificial Christmas Tree

3. Store and Pack

  • Smart storage begins at the beginning, when you purchase the tree. One important consideration when purchasing an artificial tree is the method of long-term storage, aside from the more exciting factors like height, lighting, and flocking.
  • You might be able to squeeze that majestic tree into your living room, but how about the other eleven months of the year?
  • There are a variety of bags and matching containers available for ornaments, wreaths, giftwrap, and more to keep the tree neat and hidden once you’ve found a tree that fits.
  • The tree will probably not shrink back down to its original packaging size no matter how much you squeeze it, so you can just throw away the box it came in.
  • Putting items into bags made by companies like National Tree Company is as simple as zipping a duffel bag.
  • An expert suggestion from Balsam Hill is to keep a jar of baking soda or fresh coffee grounds with your fake tree while not in use.
  • This will help prevent the tree from developing a musty scent. After you’ve cleaned and compressed all of your parts, zip them up and put them somewhere cold and dry. You’ll be ready for next year!

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