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Jill Duggar: Secretly Pregnant With Baby #4?!

Jill Duggar: Secretly Pregnant With Baby #4?!
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Jill Duggar: Secretly Pregnant With Baby #4?!

Jill Duggar: Secretly Pregnant With Baby #4?!

Jill Duggar: Secretly Pregnant With Baby #4?!

Jill Duggar has a busy 2023.It may be her strangest year as an adult.Jill’s parents called her a liar and fraud after she published her first memoir in September.Jill was interviewed for Shiny Happy People, an Amazon Prime documentary on abuse and corruption in the cult that influenced her family’s beliefs, the same year.
How do you top such a busy year as we near the end?

Jill’s family is famed for fecundity, so fans may think she’s ending 2023 with another baby!Duggar fans believe Jill is having a fourth child again.As usual, their “evidence” is weak, but it seems like every pregnancy rumor about the Duggars is 50% true.

Jill posed with church pals on her Instagram Story, sparking the latest allegations.According to The Sun, Jill was wearing a loose clothing and bending at the waist in one photo.That was enough to convince her followers she was pregnant!

“We haven’t seen much of her lately—on her posts. Maybe this is a strange method to bend over and hide something? A Reddit user commented.She’s trapped in Duggar mode. All girls do this in photographs lol. But maybe?” Added another.“Even Jill being so removed from them, there’s always a possibility they’re pregnant lol but I doubt it,” a third said.
“What if she gets pregnant again? Even if she and Derek have repeatedly said they’re done because it’s too hard on her body? A fourth wrote.Jill’s unusual stance may not have been related to her womb, according to other users.It could be she’s trying to appear shorter?” someone said.Jill is 5’7″ tall. Stooping over seems weird, but maybe she was moving when the shot was taken.”

Many fans have remarked that Jill has said she’s done having babies, so she’s unlikely to have another.Jill is a Duggar, thus a pregnancy is possible, as many have noted.We’ll watch the situation and update you!

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