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Jinger Duggar Praises Documentary for Exposing Bill Gothard, IBLP

Jinger Duggar Praises Documentary for Exposing Bill Gothard, IBLP

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Jinger Duggar Praises Documentary for Exposing Bill Gothard, IBLP

Jinger Duggar Praises Documentary for Exposing Bill Gothard, IBLP
Jinger Duggar Praises Documentary for Exposing Bill Gothard, IBLP

In a recent video, Jinger Duggar addressed why she didn’t expose her family like Jill.Shiny Happy People exposed the Duggars’ toxic cult to many.Participation was declined by Jinger. Still, she doesn’t disagree with anything the doc covered.

Jinger wants to support Jill and Amazon’s criticism of Bill Gothard.
Jinger Duggar and husband Jeremy Vuolo discussed this year’s Duggar documentary on YouTube on December 11.

Shiny Happy People on Amazon Prime revealed the Institute of Basic Life Principles’ dark side.Although Jinger did not participate, she said this week that “everything in that documentary” was “truthful.”Jinger said the “teachings of Bill Gothard were awful.”

Gothard formed IBLP. He resigned as a leader a decade ago after many women accused him of sexual misconduct.Jinger said Gothard’s perverted teachings “were so deceptive because they were mixed in” with harmless ideas.Jinger: “There would be elements of truth from scripture.”She said, “And it would just take a twist, where it was very damaging.”

This is how most cults and predatory ideologies work. Someone will use as much truth, or at least palatable philosophy, as they can to get you to join a pyramid scam, worship a prophet, join a scary man’s rural harem, or join a sinister political movement.

“There are so many teachers that claim to speak for God but don’t,” Jinger bemoaned.Jeremy, her husband, said “one of the things the docuseries did really well” was “expose Gothard.” True!

Jeremy said the docuseries revealed “the program and the cult and the way he operated.” More than one terrible man did this.Jinger added that IBLP’s seclusion caused many other problems.Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar raised their kids in this sick fundamentalist ideology.

In addition to other things, Gothard’s beliefs and IBLP teachings created the ideal predator hunting habitat. Josh Duggar and Bill Gothard are just infamous; this community has more wicked characters.Jinger previously stated that she declined the documentary owing to her past camera encounters.She said she had “little to no editing power” over her portrayal.

Jinger also feared a non-Christian documentary. But it wasn’t. Many of the participants and viewers were Christians, although most things in society involve people from different backgrounds.According to Jinger, the docuseries did many things correctly. It was “lacking” because it discouraged Christianity, she said.

A documentary aimed at converting someone to a specific religion is a distinct undertaking.From the outset, Jinger has implied that her main issue with terrible men is that they denigrate Christianity. She’s entitled to that feeling. Many others have different priorities.

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