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Loudest Stadiums in the United State

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Loudest Stadiums in the United State
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Loudest Stadiums in the United State: There’s nothing better than going to a live sporting event, no matter how great the picture quality is on TV. When you’re watching a game, food and drinks taste a little better. Everybody in a loud stadium should turn around and high-five each other after a big play.

You can only feel this energy if you’re live at the arena. People tell us to be calm and quiet in most public places. At the game, though, you’re supposed to do the opposite. These home fields are great for being as loud as you want to be. Out of all the stadiums in the US, these 26 are the loudest.

Loudest Stadiums in the United State

1. T-Mobile Arena — Vegas Golden Knights Hockey

  • The first place on our list is where the Vegas Golden Knights play. When hockey was first announced, fans thought that a lot of other fans would come to the stadium. But because they did well in the first season and people in the area wanted a sports team, it turned out the other way.
  • It didn’t take long for T-Mobile Arena to become one of the scariest places in the NHL to play baseball. It looks like Las Vegas can be a great place for professional sports.

2. Doak Campbell Stadium — Florida State Seminoles Football

  • One of the most famous college football teams in the country is at Florida State. The most recent national championship for the fans was in 2013. FSU is always in the running to be one of the best college football teams. Part of the reason for this is where they play their home games.
  • On Saturdays in the fall, Doak Campbell Stadium is always packed with people. It’s easy to come watch a game because the weather is nice. People who cheer for Florida State are some of the most passionate in the world, and they always speak up.

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3. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum — USC Trojans Football

  • People know the USC Trojans for their great offence and games with a lot of points. Fans love to watch offences, and the USC Trojan offence is one of the most beautiful ones out there. LA is a great place for sports, and USC will always win college football there, even if UCLA is good.
  • There have been some big events at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, like the Olympics at one point. But there’s nothing better than a big USC game at night.

4. Cameron Indoor Stadium — Duke Blue Devils Basketball

  • We’re now in Cameron Indoor Stadium, which is where the Duke Blue Devils play basketball. Duke’s basketball team was always good, but when legendary coach Mike Krzyzewski took over, they reached a whole new level.
  • Coach K joined Duke in 1980 and led the team to nine national titles, five of which they won. That the student section at Duke home games is called the “Cameron Crazies” shows how crazy they are about the team.

5. Gillette Stadium — New England Patriots

  • From 2001 to 2018, the New England Patriots had what might be the best dynasty in NFL history. The Patriots won six Super Bowls and made it to nine others between these years.
  • They only missed the playoffs once and won their division 16 times. It became really hard to play at Gillette Stadium. People know that the fans are very dedicated to cheering on their team.

6. Bryant-Denny Stadium — Alabama Crimson Tide football

  • The SEC has another one of the best college football dynasties. The Alabama Crimson Tide are always ranked as one of the best college football teams.
  • Their fans are some of the most passionate and spread out. When people go to a game at Bryant-Denny Stadium, especially a rivalry game, they are fierce fans who will do anything to help their team win.

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