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Simple Weight Loss Exercises For Men

Simple Weight Loss Exercises For Men

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Simple Weight Loss Exercises For Men: To lose weight, you don’t have to do cardio for hours on end and give up all your favorite foods. In fact, studies show that intense exercise for more than 40 to 60 minutes is “unnecessary.” A much healthier  way to lose weight is to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and stick to an exercise routine that includes both cardio and strength training.

It can be hard to figure out which daily exercises are best for long-term weight loss because there are so many online resources that give conflicting advice. That’s why we talked to TJ Mentus, CPT, a certified personal trainer at Garage Gym Reviews. He shares his expert knowledge on the subject and gives men 11 exercises they should do every day to lose weight.

Simple Weight Loss Exercises For Men

Actually, your weight isn’t about a number on a scale; it’s about how healthy you are and how good you feel in your own skin. Luckily, Mentus made these exercises to help you get rid of body fat, improve your endurance, get more energy, and feel better. Here is a list of the 11 best exercises for men to lose weight. After that, don’t miss the 5 best exercises for toning your muscles in your 40s.

1. Burpees

  • Burpees burn a lot of calories because they work your whole body. “This may be the best body weight exercise you can do for weight loss,” says Mentus.
  • “The burpee works every muscle in your body because you have to push yourself off the ground, do plyometrics by jumping, and do cardio because your heart rate will go up quickly and stay up as you do the move.”
  • At a higher level of fitness, you can try to do them as quickly as possible, but it will be hard to keep up.

2. Pushups

  • Not a gym? Not a problem! You can do push ups anywhere, and they are a great way to lose weight. They work your core and chest at the same time, which helps you burn more calories.
  • “Building muscle helps with long-term weight loss and maintenance,” Mentus says. “Because muscle burns more calories than fat even when it’s not working, adding muscle makes you burn more calories every day without having to do more exercise.”
  • If you can’t do a normal push up, get down on your knees or put your hands on something to make the exercise easier.

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3. Pull-ups

  • You can really see how strong your upper body is with pull-ups. They are also a great way to build muscle while burning calories.
  • Pull-ups are another great way to build muscle in the upper body, according to Mentus. They work the muscles in your upper back, shoulders, and arms.
  • Building a strong upper back will help you lose weight and improve your posture. It will also make most other exercises easier because it makes your upper body more stable.

4. Lunges

  • Lunges make your legs stronger and improve your balance and stability, making them a great addition to any weight loss workout plan.
  • “Doing lunges will help you work out each leg separately and will mostly work out your glutes and quads.”
  • “They’re also great for getting your heart rate up when you do them in big sets or for longer distances,” says Mentus.

5. Squats

  • Squats are one of the best compound exercises. They work your quads, hamstrings, and glutes, among other muscles in your lower body, which helps you get stronger and burn calories at the same time.
  • “Heavy squats can help release more testosterone which helps greatly with weight loss and muscle growth,” Mentus says.
  • “Squats are a great way to lose weight, even if you only use your own body weight. If it’s hard for you to squat all the way down, use a box or step as a guide to help you break through the wall.

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