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Testing The 6 Greatest Fake Christmas Trees of 2023

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Testing The 6 Greatest Fake Christmas Trees of 2023:-People are already buying for Christmas, so supply will run low soon. Popular artificial Christmas trees sell out before December. Now that they resemble the actual thing, no surprise.

A more detailed design method lets producers create more lifelike branches and tips: “I can’t tell you how much goes into designing our faux collection to make every branch look as close to the real thing as possible,” says White Company founder Chrissie Rucker.

The best artificial Christmas trees, made by Balsam Hill in America, use real tree cuttings for its Nordmann fir branches.

I tested all of this year’s top artificial Christmas trees, and you can read my reviews below. I also provide recommendations on size, weight, materials, and tip count.

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Testing The 6 Greatest Fake Christmas Trees of 2023

1. Balsam Hill Nordmann Fir 7ft candlelight clear LED

  • This artificial tree is the best: the limbs are trimmings from real Nordmann firs and have dark glossy green needles that gently curve to show a silvery underside. In contrast to other models, the trunk is created to look like a real tree trunk between the branches to provide realism. This 7ft model has 2,026 tips.
  • You can choose from 4ft to 12ft sizes and lighting settings. The Candlelight Clear I tried has 650 bulbs. This multicolored Colour + Clear version includes 960 bulbs. Although the Twinkly Light Show has only 480, a smartphone app can control them for various effects. Unlit version available.
  • Three plug-in components make Balsam Hill trees easy to build, although they are heavy (174kg for the 12ft tree). This 45kg one may require two people to lift.

2. Habitat 8ft Mixed Tip Natural Look Christmas Tree

  • There are few good trees under £200, and even £100-£150 is few. Habitat’s 6ft natural-look tree is good value. It has fewer branches than the more expensive ones (it weighs 10kg compared to the 45kg of the Balsam Hill Nordmann Fir below), so the undecorated trunk is on display and the effect is less realistic.
  • The branches are composed of PVC rather than moulded PE tips, but the colour is a good, natural green (albeit flat compared to the pricier options). Assembly is simple, but the branches take a long to unroll and twist. This costs £106 and requires heavy decoration to hide the trunk and branches, but it’s a fantastic budget alternative.

3. John Lewis Brunswick Spruce Unlit Christmas Tree, 7ft

  • Brunswick is a full, lifelike conical tree. The branches are deep emerald green and lighter near the tip, naturally uneven in length and texture. With almost 3,500 moulded PVC points, this tree sticks out.
  • “The soft, irregular outline permits longer tree trims to hang freely, whilst more compact decorations nestle neatly between the branches,” says John Lewis Christmas buyer Jason Billings-Cray.
  • The tree has three parts that slot into the metal stand; the hinged limbs must be pushed down. It weighs 14.4kg, less than the Balsam Hill despite its full design. Without lights, preparing for Christmas decorations.
  • Billings-Cray recommends “warm color palettes of copper, orange and traditional red”.Though John Lewis makes cheaper Petersberg and Fireside variants with fewer tips, this was one of its best.


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Testing The 6 Greatest Fake Christmas Trees of 2023

Testing The 6 Greatest Fake Christmas Trees of 2023

4. John Lewis Pre-Lit Birch Twig Tree in Copper, 6ft

  • Modern tree replacements like twigs are popular. This John Lewis 6ft copper-colored twig tree is pre-lit with 600 pure white LEDs, which I dislike because pure white is too bright and not as soft as warm white. It looks great naked or with a few Christmas decorations, but don’t overdo it.
  • This lightweight 2.2kg metal and PVC twig tree can be knocked down by a child or dog. Twig trees are useful year-round due of their non-Christmas appeal: Billings-Cray says many customers buy in October and use as Christmas trees. Copper doesn’t match your scheme? Try white.


5. Lights4Fun 3ft Pre-lit Outdoor Potted Christmas Tree

  • This adorable 90cm tree features realistic silvery-green branches, warm LED bulbs on a six-hour timer, and can be maintained outside.
  • Line up several down the path on your doorstep or porch for a magnificent festive look. The galvanized steel pot works with modern or classic gardens and is surprisingly heavy, so it won’t blow away.

6. Cox & Cox Frosted Fir Pre-Lit Potted Tree, 4ft

  • This 4ft frosted tree is a great secondary addition to a garden, hall, or porch. The tree’s frosted tips may not make someone think they’re in Narnia, especially if the ground is bare, but they add a Christmas touch.
  • PE branches and PVC tips make up the lifelike branches, which are pre-lit with 100 warm white lights and eight light settings. This doesn’t need decorating, so it’s impressive as soon as you set it up and fluff the branches.
  • It works in its plastic pot, but you could wish to display it in a garden terracotta or anything more attractive.The tree can be pre-ordered for early November delivery.

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