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The 12 Best Artificial Christmas Tree Stores of 2023

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The 12 Best Artificial Christmas Tree Stores of 2023
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The 12 Best Artificial Christmas Tree Stores of 2023:-Artificial trees have evolved from plastic festive branches. With thousands of alternatives from internet shops, imitation Christmas trees seem authentic and may be delivered quickly.

Kathy Kuo, creator and CEO of Kathy Kuo Home, believes artificial trees are fantastic since they reduce mess and can be used year after year if you buy a good one. “Ask yourself if you want a hyper-realistic look, a tree with a fun, not-found-in-nature color or flocking, or a tree with lights,” she advises. She recommends measuring height and circumference to verify your room can accommodate the tree.

We asked our workers about Christmas trees they got from different merchants and used their feedback to evaluate six popular brands for choice, quality, pricing, delivery, and return policy. We utilized the same process to find other fantastic Christmas tree retailers not in our survey to complete this list. Kuo and Cadeaux Christmas Interior Decorating president Delia Dahm advised us on Christmas tree purchasing.

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The 12 Best Artificial Christmas Tree Stores of 2023

Balsam Hill

  • All of our crew agreed that Balsam Hill Christmas trees are excellent. The trees arrived in sturdy cartons and some buyers received an off-season storage bag.
  • Some of the largest and most realistic trees cost thousands of dollars. Customers complained that some models’ branch tips were easily broken, which is disappointing given the price.
  • Still, shoppers liked Balsam Hill’s Christmas trees’ beauty and quality and expect them to last for years.
  • Price Range: $229–$10,999 | Free standard shipping | 30-day return


  • Target makes holiday decor purchasing the easiest. Our responders liked its Christmas trees, however several were more pricey than expected given their structure and materials.
  • Target’s Wondershop brand, which sells ornaments, tree toppers, garlands, tree skirts, and other winter wonderland items, was their favorite.
  • Online ordering and in-store returns are Target’s finest features, especially if your Christmas tree isn’t perfect.
  • Price: $60–$30,000 | Shipping: Free on $35+ | Return Policy: 90 days


  • For those undecided about holiday decor, Amazon is one of the finest locations to buy Christmas trees due to its vast choices. This might cause decision fatigue, so shop with a size and style in mind.
  • The trees sent to customers who chose from thousands were good. If you shop at Amazon often, it’s worth checking out the trees, and your Prime membership makes shipping and returns easy.
  • Shipping: Varies by seller | Return Policy: Varies by seller, $16–$38,000

The Hobby Lobby

  • Known for its crafting supplies, Hobby Lobby is also a great spot to buy Christmas trees. The company has fake Christmas trees for every taste and budget.
  • Our poll respondents said the trees they bought looked like the photographs they saw online, so you can confidently buy pines and firs—even pre-lit ones to avoid tangled string lights.
  • $40–$1,200 | Shipping: Varies by total cost; starts at $10.95 | Return Policy: 90 days


  • Michaels has traditional and edgy Christmas trees. One of our poll respondents liked the pink pre-lit tree they received, but advised others to temper their expectations between internet visuals and in-person delivery.
  • Still, prices are lower than elsewhere, and there are many designs, sizes, and features, including thousands of little trees. Plus, you may conveniently buy for different Christmas decorations at once.
  • Price: $26–$11,730 | Shipping: Free standard shipping over $50 | Return Policy: 60 days


  • Wayfair is one of the greatest online retailers for home decor, so it’s no surprise that we recommend them for Christmas trees.
  • Our survey respondents said Wayfair’s affordable prices are a plus.
  • One Wayfair customer said their tree survived for years, proving they’re durable. No one had to return or exchange their trees.
  • Price Range: $35–$10,500 | Free Shipping on $35+ | 30-Day Return Policy

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The 12 Best Artificial Christmas Tree Stores of 2023

The 12 Best Artificial Christmas Tree Stores of 2023

Pottery Barn

  • Pottery Barn has many imitation trees, including Vermont Spruce, Frasier Fir, and Ozark Pine. The richness of these realistic-looking trees will please traditionalists and glammers alike.
  • Dozens of trees at varied prices are available for any decoration style. If you want smaller trees for tabletops, there are several options, including new types.
  • Ships from $12.95 | Return Policy: 30 days | Price Range: $59–$2,399

Grandin Road

  • Grandin Road sells Christmas trees, garlands, and wreaths online as well as high-quality home decor. There are enormous artificial trees and little ones for cozier spaces.
  • Grandin Road has a smaller range, which may be a plus if you have trouble choosing from many other merchants. We suggest another retailer for a wide selection of trees. Beautiful traditional trees are available along Grandin Road.
  • Price: $70–$1,399 | Shipping: 14.95 | Return Policy: 90 days
  • Frontgate makes high-quality home furnishings and decor, including artificial Christmas trees. Frontgate doesn’t have a huge selection like a big-box store, but its trees are so realistic you won’t think they’re fake.
  • The trees are expensive, but with careful care, they last many seasons. The Bleu Heirloom Collection Tree Set, which contains a beautiful pre-lit tree, ornaments, ribbons, and other embellishments, is a good Christmas décor investment.
  • Price: $599–$4,999 | Shipping: Varies; starts at 12% | Return Policy: 3-year warranty

    The Home Depot

  • While Home Depot is known for DIY and home renovation, it’s also a great spot to buy Christmas trees. You may see some at the store, but there are hundreds more online.
  • Home Depot has everything from little pink trees to tall traditional firs. You can order unlit trees with string lights. Many trees come pre-lit.
  • Home Depot now sells real trees for more alternatives. Free two-day delivery and in-store pickup are available on most goods. We recommend shopping early for the best choices and inventory.
  • Price: $14–$6,810 | Shipping: Free on most products | Return Policy: 90 days

    Christmas King

  • Being called the King of Christmas raises expectations, and this online Christmas decor shop exceeds them. Here you can get a classic tree that looks like one in nature.
  • Over a dozen tree species are available, including cypress spruce, aspen fir, and King Douglas fir. There are plenty of flocked trees, but we only saw a few vividly colored ones. For an unusual Christmas motif, search elsewhere.
  • The selection is large but not overwhelming, and the website lets you filter for the ideal tree. For holiday displays, the store sells wreaths, garlands, and other accessories.
  • Most King of Christmas items ship free, but imitation trees over 15 feet tall may require additional expenses. Returns are allowed until December 20 and must be in their original packaging.
  • Price: $299–$1,999 | Shipping: Free, with surcharges for trees above 15 feet | Return Policy: 30 days, before December 20

    Birch Lane

  • Birch Lane can help you decide whether to buy a genuine or fake Christmas tree this year. The most lifelike pines and firs we’ve seen are in this gorgeous collection.
  • This retailer has pencil-thin to jaw-droppingly full trees to complement your holiday decor.
  • There are many flocked and pure white trees, but to get something trendy, you may have to look elsewhere. Birch Lane has dozens of traditional styles, so you can find one here.
  • We also like that some trees come in different sizes so you can find one that fits your home.
  • Price: $53–$3,128 | Shipping: Free on $35+ | Return Policy: 30 days

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