4 Easy Wall Exercises to Crush Leg Day


You may skip going to a fancy, expensive gym and start working out at home with these straightforward wall workouts instead. You can stay healthy without leaving the convenience of your living room. 

Each wall workout takes 60 seconds. Rest 30 seconds between workouts. Do 2–5 reps per workout. You can make your workout harder by using hand weights.

Started on Your Wall Exercise

It targets glutes, back legs, and core. Back on the floor, hips 6-12 inches from wall. Put your feet just above knee level against the wall and bend your knees. Lift your hips as high as possible with your glutes and abdominal muscles while keeping your shoulders flat.

Wall Bridge

Work your core with leg-up wall crunches. Face-up on the floor, legs against the wall, shoes towards the ceiling. Curve your chest and face the ceiling by lifting your shoulders 2–5 inches off the floor with your abdominal muscles.

Leg-Up Wall Crunch

This workout works glutes, legs, shoulders, and abs. Start with your back against the wall and feet level with your hips. Lower yourself into a chair-like squat with knees bent and lap flat.

Wall Sit

This workout works glutes and legs. Stand 3-4 feet from the wall and extend one leg back, pressing the foot ball to the wall. Bend forward knee. Maintaining a straight back, lower your body till your forward knee is 90 degrees. 

Wall Lunge

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