6 Best Exercises for Men To Lose Belly Fat


The jumping jack is a simple plyometric exercise that warms up and burns calories. Speed and rhythm improve jumping jacks' metabolic benefits. Jumping jacks are a wonderful fat-loss circuit addition, but not a complete workout.

Jumping Jacks 

Sprints involve all-out running for short distances then resting. Maximising muscle contractions with speed forces your body to use anaerobic energy, not "cardio" This intensity burns calories post-workout and develops muscle.


Next in our top belly fat-loss workouts for men is the squat. Squats are essential to your training, regardless of equipment. Perform rhythmic bodyweight squats for 30 seconds.


Pushups are in almost every military fitness programme for a reason. Pushups work your anterior chain without equipment. Most attention goes to chest and shoulders. Your core and lower body muscles must engage isometrically to prevent hip sagging.


Burpees are great for a full-body metabolic blitz without equipment. Burpees increase explosive power and total-body conditioning. Start standing, then jump up and reach overhead as high as possible.


Place your feet shoulder-width apart. Right leg deep forward step. While lowering your left knee, bend your right knee to lower your hips and upper torso. Push through your right foot to stand up when your left knee is one to two inches off the ground.


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