Why Flexibility Is Important In Exercise? 


Maintaining everyday duties and mobility requires flexibility. Flexibility improves range of motion and reduces injury and fall risk. Stretches are important for all ages and can be done throughout the day.

Flexibility goes beyond bending and touching your toes. Becoming flexible increases your joint range of motion and freedom of movement.

Flexibility Is Important

One bodily part's decreased flexibility can affect others. For instance, prolonged chair use might tighten the hamstrings. This might cause a posterior pelvic tilt, affecting spine alignment. Poor spine alignment can cause lower back, neck, and shoulder pain.

Effect on Daily  Life

Get your blood circulating before stretching for best effects. A 10-minute stroll or aerobic activity should work. Warming up before stretching improves muscular suppleness and minimises injury risk, according to research.

Become More Flexible

Chronic pain lasts over 12 weeks. In addition to physical symptoms, persistent pain can cause disability. Trouble sleeping Anxiety Depression Lower life quality

Flexiblity With Chronic Pain

Before exercising with chronic pain, consult a doctor. Stretching may worsen your disease. Physical therapists design health-promoting exercise routines.

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