6 Most Lazy Dog Breeds In The World


English Bulldogs are noted for their laid-back temperament and striking appearance. Despite being muscular, Bulldogs are inactive. They enjoy short walks and mild exercise and live a leisurely lifestyle.


Droopy eyes, large ears, and slow speed define laziness in Basset Hounds. Lounging around the house is normal for these pets. While they have a good sense of smell and like following scents on walks, their short legs and laid-back attitude don't require intensive exercise.

Basset Hound

Small canines with big personalities are Shih Tzus. Despite their energy and playfulness, they are lazy. Shih Tzus enjoy relaxing on pillows or sitting with their owners indoors. They love short walks and play, but are low-energy.

Shih Tzu

Rare and old, the Chow Chow has a lion-like appearance and thick, fluffy coat. Chow Chows are indolent despite their royal demeanour. These dogs are great for families and individuals who want a peaceful, relaxed pet.

 Chow Chow 

The Pug, with its adorable and wrinkled face, is a lazy tiny breed. Pugs are playful but comfortable to lounge around. They have short energetic bursts followed by long, peaceful naps.


Tall and graceful, the Great Dane is a majestic and gentle giant. Big and sluggish, the Great Dane is known as a couch potato. Although they need frequent exercise to stay healthy and avoid fat, they are calm and laid-back.

Great Dane

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