How to Teach Your Dog Their Name

Starting training in your living room, without distractions, interruptions, or temptations, and when you and your dog are relaxed is crucial. Both of you can focus and succeed.

Preparation makes perfect 

Simply observe your dog as they play, sleep, or putter. Give them a gift every time they look at you during training.

Reward your dog for checking in

Start with your dog on a lead in your garden or other comfortable outdoor location. Be quiet and calm as your dog sniffs and looks around. Distractions may make it tougher for your dog to focus.

Try practicing somewhere new 

After your dog learns that staring at you is always a good idea, you can call them by name. When your dog looks at you, roll or throw a treat for them to chase and consume.

Your dog's name

Toss the snacks around you—far, near, left, right, behind, or in front. This keeps your dog guessing where you'll throw treats, making them glance at you.

Keep repeating 

Busier places may make it tougher for your dog to practise. There, they may need a pleasant treat for their labour. Your dog may be distracted by new sights, noises, and smells, so you may need to start over while practising in a new environment. 

Practise in different places 

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