Best Dashing Feathered Bangs for Women in 2023

Beautiful feathery fringe and lengthy front hair are first. She wears mostly dark hair with golden highlights in the front. The bombshell curls she used look great.

Blonde Peekaboo Feathered Bang

Another long hairdo. She chose a stylish mid-part and curled her fringe away from her face. Keep your hair long and wavy to look beautiful.

Face-Framing Hairstyle

A stunning icy-white mid-length haircut follows. She wore feathered fringe and beach waves, but a sleek and straight style would look just as well.

Icy White Blonde Hair

A shoulder-length hairdo with blonde highlights and a gorgeous front money piece is next. With straight fringe and flowing curls, she kept it simple. Keeping roots dark makes things look more realistic.

Blonde Piecey Bangs Hairstyle

To add edge to your outfit, try green peekaboo touches. Green hair around the face and fringe, dark hair elsewhere. For the full appearance, curl the edges.

Green Peekaboo Hair

Bombshell curls transform your look instantaneously. She has long, dark hair with gorgeous blonde highlights in the shot above. Finish with large curls for a stunning new haircut.

Bombshell Hair  with Curl

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