How to Keep Fish and Chips Warm in the Oven

To keep fish and chips warm and crispy, use a low oven temperature. Don't wrap them tightly—they'll go soggy. Maintain the ideal crunch using a wire rack.

Crispness and Food Safety

Many of us enjoy the crunch of well fried fish with golden, crispy chips. We risk losing that delicious texture if we don't keep our meal at the appropriate temperature.

Any foodie knows that moisture and steam can quickly soggy crispy chips. Ventilation solves it. Allowing steam escape keeps batter crispy.

Moisture and Sogginess

Next, we'll discuss how to keep fish and chips warm and crispy in the oven. The Boat Basin Cafe employed these methods to make every serving great.

Fish and Chips Warm in the Oven

Temperatures about 200°F are perfect for warming fish and chips without frying them. This keeps food above the bacterial growth zone.

Correct Temperature Range

A convection oven employs a fan to circulate air, eliminating moisture from fish and chips to crisp them. Convection ovens heat more efficiently, therefore you may need to drop the temperature by 25°F.

Fish and Chips Warm

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