6 Yoga Shoulder Stretches for Neck and Back Pain


After a hard day of hunching over your desk, this yoga pose is the best shoulder opener. McKenna likes this stretch because it widens your inner pull.

Reverse Prayer

This yoga practise, like other inversions, improves blood flow to the upper body by placing your heart over your head. Using the ground as leverage to deepen the stretch is McKenna's favourite part of this pose.

Twisted Wide Legged Forward Fold

This yoga position shows that binds are sometimes the best way to relax. McKenna suggests eagle arms to free your shoulders from your ears. It also increases joint flexibility and range of motion after a long day.

Eagle Arm

We guarantee you'll wonder how you lived without this stretch after trying it. Start with two yoga blocks. If not, books can help.

Supported Fish

Camel Pose

McKenna says skilled yogis can backstroke their arms as they reach for their heels, but most of us are tight in the shoulder joint and will struggle.

Raise your right arm parallel to your spine and point your fingers down towards your shoulder. Wrap your left arm behind your back and stretch it to the right.

Cow Face Arms 

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