Dereck Lively II Explains Why He'd Rather Be 4'5" Than 7'5"

Dereck Lively II is a 19-year-old 7'1" phenom, but would rather be 4'5" to make his life simpler.

Dereck Lively II is looking like the perfect center for the Dallas Mavericks just a month into his rookie season.  

The man who is finding success due to his size in Dallas would actually rather be 4'5" instead, as he revealed to The Tidal League.  

A career in basketball would be well out of the question for Lively if he was 4'5".  

While he does envy the ability to fit into any place and have room to spare, 

almost everyone in the world would rather be super tall than super short. 

But we can also hope for that size and wish to be NBA players, something Lively already is .

But it would be hilarious if the center that is expected to give Luka Doncic a reason to stay in Dallas was 4'5" instead of the 7'1" that Lively is.  

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