Gregg Popovich Defends Kawhi Leonard From Boos In San Antonio

Gregg Popovich interrupted the Clippers-Spurs game to tell his home fans to not boo Kawhi Leonard.

The San Antonio Spurs are hosting the Los Angeles Clippers in one of the few games a year where Kawhi Leonard has to face the fanbase that saw him grow from a mid-first-round pick to a Finals MVP and DPOY candidate.

His departure was very acrimonious, which means Spurs fans were booing him while he was shooting free throws,

Gregg Popovich was having none of that, taking a mic to admonish the fans for booing Kawhi.

Unfortunately, Pop angered the fans even more, who started booing the head coach that brought them five championships along with Leonard.

Telling grown adults not to boo players at a live sports game they've paid good money to come and see is insane.

Even if Popovich doesn't enjoy it, he has got to know it's just a part of live sports.

Spurs fans have legitimate reasons for disliking Kawhi, and if they want to express their feelings through booing, that's fine.

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