Josh Giddey Declines To Comment On Alleged Relationship With Underage Girl

Josh Giddey breaks his silence after scandal breaks out over romantic history.

OKC guard Josh Giddey is facing some serious heat for his involvement in a potential underage dating scandal. 

Following the shocking accusations, Giddey has taken steps to protect his legacy by deleting his social media and deflecting media questions about the ordeal. 

The accusations first emerged earlier this week, when an anonymous social media user leaked photos and videos 

proving that Giddey was romantically involved with an underage girl named Liv Cook, a full-time social media "influencer."  

Over the past few hours, Giddey and his camp have been covering their tracks by deleting past posts and snuffing any signs of a connection between Giddey and Liv. 

Unfortunately for the rising NBA star, fans have already preserved the evidence and there's nowhere for him to hide. 

Eventually, sooner or later, Giddey will have to answer for the accusations and things could get ugly for him if the story checks out as true.

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